So what is Fitness Balance?

Fitness balance is a class that combines balance, strength and flexibility based with influences from Yoga, Pilates, body conditioning and relaxation.
This class is low impact, suitable for all ages and fitness levels.


So, your thinking about turning up to a class but are not sure about clothes, equipment etc.
Firstly, lets start with the clothes..
I don't perform my classes at Muscle beach, Miami, Florida (Thank god) so basically what im saying is, stick on any old gear that you feel you will be comfortable in for 60 minutes of exercising eg, Jogging bottoms, T-shirt etc. I always tell people to wear layers so it is easier to cool down by removing a layer or two, not to mention covering back up to face our beautiful English weather on the way home.

Footwear is not required for this class, (bare foot) so please be sure to cover any cuts, verukas, warts etc with a plaster.

During the class it is normal for your body to start to dehydrate so please do bring a bottle of water or other hydration drink to sip during the class. If like me your a bit of a sweaty betty, I would recommend a small towel or flannel for wiping yourself down.

Still stuck?

If you still need to ask me something, I will be happy to chat to you about any questions you might have. Just go to the Contact me info at the bottom of this page for my email, phone
number etc and give me a call.
Hope to see you soon. Vanessa Kirkton :)
Mob: 07773305671 Home: 01604820663
Classes and prices are as follow:
(No membership required)

Wednesday 6:30 - 7:30pm at Creaton village hall NN6 8NL

8 week program at 32 or (any) 4 weeks within the 8 weeks for 20.
Ring first for spaces please.
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